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Let Your Work Desk Work For You

Not all work desks were created equally…at least when it comes to you. Your office work desk is more than a piece of furniture. It’s the nucleus of your office; the place from which ideas transform into action. And like the nucleus, your desk must be properly configured to most effectively serve as this vital command center.


Your type of business, your workflow. and your ergonomic requirements–not to mention your aesthetics dictate the type of workstation which will best suit your needs. Perhaps you find yourself hunched over at your desk frequently. Perhaps your office is a little drab and needs a facelift. Perhaps your desk is cluttered and chronically disorganized. Any of these reasons could call for upgrading your office desk and peripheral furniture. Some factors for considering your choice are as follows:


  • Do you rely on a laptop screen or do you connect to multiple monitors?
  • Do you frequently brainstorm or collaborate with others?
  • Do you work with papers and files or have you adapted to a paper-free environment?
  • Are you a minimalist or do you like room for mementos and conversation pieces on your desktop?
  • Do you keep a printer on your desk?
  • Do you prefer to sit, stand, or have an adjustable-height desk?
  • How much under-desk storage do you need?

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Now, factor in the construction. Regardless of the materials, the assembly must be solid and sturdy, with a comfortable configuration so as to facilitate creativity and productivity. A style that is suitable for one person may not be appealing to another. The importance of a quality desk outfitted with an individualized ergonomic assessment has been proven to minimize distractions and improve efficiency across the workplace. These crucial ergonomics are perhaps the most significant area which is compromised when one cuts corners by purchasing a budget desk from a “big box” store. The furniture may look stylish at a glance, but after sitting down to work, one can detect exactly where it falls short–reflected by their poor posture and eventual discomfort which lasts throughout the day.


Lighting is another factor not often considered with ergonomics, but they are very much part of the equation. While some professionals prefer bright lighting and others are drawn to dimmer “mood” lighting to spark creativity, one must be mindful of optimizing the workstation lighting to be sufficient to encourage good posture and minimize eye strain. And quality can’t be underscored enough. Think of it this way: You spend approximately ⅓ of your day sleeping, so you invest in a quality mattress. You may also spend about ⅓ of your day working. Why not invest in a quality desk?

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With D2’s vast assortment of customizable work desk solutions…from compact laptop stations to credenzas to L-shaped traditional desks…from roll-tops to adjustable height standing desks available in glass-top to steel to various wood finishes, the options are nearly infinite. And where does one start?


While this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly, the process for selecting an office desk need not be daunting. Our qualified office design consultants here at D2 Office Furniture + Design are eager to guide you through this exciting endeavor. Contact us today!