Space Planning

We Plan so you can Grow

Thinking about buying or leasing a commercial space, already signed the lease, just starting up, expanding to a larger space, opening a satellite office, downsizing or you decided to work from home more often? In any case, now is the perfect time to call D2 Office Furniture and Design. It is often best to create a Space Plan before committing to a new lease or purchase.

Site Visits for Space Planning

Site Visits for Space Planning

We highly suggest a Site Visit even for the smallest of projects. The purpose of the Site Visit is to visually inspect and photograph a potential site to aid in Space Planning. Our team uses this opportunity to identify important factors that may include the direction of door swings, the existing lighting plan and the location of electrical outlets. It also gives us a chance to get a feel for the overall environment, and to document any other variables that may affect the design.

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