Benefits of the Stand-Up Desk

In recent years stand-up desks have become a major part of the office furniture and office environment conversation, with reported benefits centered around standing rather than sitting. Sitting all day has been shown to contribute to an increased risk of heart failure due to a lack of exercise. Enter the stand-up desk.


We spend a major part of our lives working, and for those who do sit at a desk all day, an adjustable height desk may be the better route to go when it comes to your workspace. Sometimes called a sit-stand desk, the stand-up desk can easily adjust to being as high or low as you would like so that you can work to your own level of comfort while allowing you to get up out of your chair and move around. These desks integrate the latest technology into the workspace in order to promote healthy living and movement throughout your office.

The adjustable height desk allows you to have the best of both worlds, whether you find it more comfortable to work while standing up, or prefer to mix it up during the day. You can easily add a stool or ergonomic office chair to your workspace to increase comfort while you work.


Adjustable height desks and tables offer a new working experience which can increase productivity, well-being, and comfort in the workplace. Mobile furniture allows freedom of movement, and studies have shown an improvement in concentration and productivity in allowing employees to work with a focus on their comfort. This kind of work environment can allow for a free flow of ideas and collaboration in the workplace, and to take it even further, the “standing meeting” can increase enthusiasm in the workspace and for the creative group process, improving overall morale in the workplace.

Sit to stand environments can be effectively integrated throughout the workspace, including private offices, common and collaborative work areas, conference rooms, meeting spaces, AV components, casual environments, and break rooms. This style of office furniture technology promotes wellness and comfort in the office, contributing to happier employees who benefit from better posture, and a reduced risk of obesity just by reducing the amount of time spent sitting throughout the day. While the stand-up desk will not drastically change your life, it is a nice start to change up your routine to promote health + wellness.


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