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How To Choose the Right Lamp

Finding the right lighting for your decor can make or break the room. Lamps have a very important role not only in lighting, but also in the decoration and style of your space. You need to consider so many things—shade or no shade, traditional or LED? You can instantly bring an elegant glow to your room with the perfect lamp (or a pair of them).


There are two main types of lamps, which can be categorized by their size, shape, or intended function. Most often, desk lamps are considered to be task lights. Task lighting is great for studying or focused work and can help you avoid eye strain when working with a computer or other task. Table lamps are used more in reception areas and are often offer a decorative accent. They typically measure in at anywhere between 24” to 36” tall.

table lamps


As both a practical and decorative element, table lamps are a vital accessory for any room in the office. There are many advantages and benefits of investing in a desk lamp. They ease eye strain if you place the lamp 15 inches above the surface of the table. Desk lamps are useful in reducing headaches, glare, and high power bills.


Want to upgrade your office? Task lighting provides all the light you need for reading, writing, and working on a computer. A desk lamp can improve illumination of a limited space when placed correctly. An adjustable desk lamp can make it easier to focus on a particular spot. It allows the luxury of placing it on whichever side of the table you prefer to make lighting comfortable. Desk lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and are an easy way to spruce up any workspace.


Office lighting is a simple way to illuminate your work space while adding a touch of great décor.You can also enhance your productivity with our selection of energy-efficient LED Desk Lamps. Visit the D2 showroom in Midtown Manhattan or take a look at our lamps to get started integrating them into your workspace. Get in touch with one of our office interior design specialists to find out where to begin today!