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Office Ergonomic Must-Haves

If you are like most people who work in an office, you spend many hours working at your desk every day. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to proper ergonomics in order to create a healthier physical environment for a healthier you. These office accessories are incredibly helpful for office workers. Our line of ergonomic products allows you to create the ideal workstation. Take the stress out of your workday with ergonomic products from D2. We offer desk footrests, keyboards and accessories for ergonomic office chairs.

ergonomic footrest


A footrest may not seem like a primary ergonomic accessory, but it does provide significant ergonomic benefit. An ergonomic footrest can ease leg problems and lessen lower back issues. Without the correct foot support you can suffer a negative impact to your back, legs, circulation and other areas of the body. Problems in these areas can cause lost productivity in the workplace. By including an ergonomic footrest in your budget when outfitting workstations, you increase comfort levels.


Footrests fit compactly under every desk and provide lasting relief from sore and tired feet. Footrests help people with short stature as well. An adjustable footrest is a must for shorter people or anyone whose workstation is too high. Sitting in an office chair with your feet flat on the floor or dangling in the air can be uncomfortable. Worse yet, it may put stress on your knees and lower back, and if your chair lacks a “waterfall front,” the pressure can potentially pinch nerves and cut off circulation to your legs and feet. This adjustable footrest provides a stable platform while placing your feet at just the right height and angle, helping ensure all-day comfort and improved health.


Ergonomic footrests with style and function can assist in relieving pressure from feet and legs while working at a desk. You and your team should experience the health benefits of using ergonomic office footrests!

ergonomic keyboard

Keyboard trays are another office ergonomic must-have. Placing your keyboard on a keyboard/mouse support system is one of the most important components of a healthy, ergonomic workstation and can protect workers from a variety of musculoskeletal disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), neck pain, and upper and lower back pain. Because our bodies follow our hands, when the keyboard sits on a desk, workers have to lean forward to reach it. This leads to aches in the wrist, arms, back, and neck, and increased risk of CTS. However, using an articulating keyboard system helps support comfortable, efficient postures by keeping workers supported. When selecting a keyboard tray, some things to consider are corner mount, depth of current surface, using it in conjunction with a sit/stand desk, slim design, aesthetics, size of existing keyboard and mouse and the ability to work with left- or right-handed employees. Avoid carpal tunnel and wrist fatigue by using an ergonomic keyboard tray.


Visit the D2 showroom in Midtown Manhattan or take a look at our collections and get started integrating these office ergonomic accessories into your workspace. Get in touch with one of our office design specialists to find out where to begin enhancing your office space today!