How to be More Productive: From Office Furniture to Organization

Do you ever have trouble staying focused at work? Everyone can suffer from a decrease in productivity in the office at one point or another, but many times you can easily get back on track with just a few changes. With the right office furniture, technology, and a few simple organizational skills you can get back to working productively. Check out our productivity tips and tricks for a better work day.

Office Storage & Organization

A disorganized workspace can cause stress and distractions. People often say that a cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind, but getting organized and finding the right storage options for your office space can get your focus back. Storage options, depending on your workspace, include small storage units such as drawers or small bins, or shelves for notebooks, paperwork, folders, and books can help you get started. Bonus tip: small storage units can be put under your desk & used to store snacks to help those cravings, so that hunger doesn’t cause any further distraction.

Oui Mesh Office Chair

Find the Right Office Furniture

A good office chair can make all of the difference during your workday. Posture is important to overall health, and ergonomic office chairs can help productivity as well as help you stay healthy. Ergonomic chairs provide comfort and support for focus while providing a way to sit that can improve posture, and reduce neck pain and headaches.


If you are someone who prefers to stand while you work, then start thinking about stand-up desks or adjustable height desks. Stand-up desks easily adjust to any height you want, whether you prefer a traditional desk height or a bar height; it all depends on your comfort. Finding the right ergonomic office furniture that provides comfort all day can certainly increase productivity.  

workstation and personal task lighting

Desk Lamps and Lighting

Good lighting can have a positive effect on mood, behavior, and stress. While natural light is best, it is not achievable in every office space, so choosing the right lighting for your personal workspace can be crucial. Lighting has a great effect on ergonomics, as harsh fluorescent lighting can cause eye strain, headaches, and migraines. Consider desk lamps with daylight bulbs, or maybe an LED bulb, to liven up your personal work area and elevate your mood.


Who doesn’t like to be comfortable at work? We can’t all work from our own couch, but we can certainly try our best to make our personal workspace as comfortable as possible. Small pieces of office furniture such as footrests can add that small touch of comfort to help keep you productive at work. The key to productivity is comfort, so if you need a blanket, then drape one over your chair, and if you need a small pillow for your back, then keep one somewhere in your space. Sometimes it is the small things that can foster comfort and focus.

Small Decorations

Small pieces of decoration can make a world of difference to your personal work area. From pictures of family or pets, to succulents, add a touch of personality to your desk or cubicle with these simple additions.

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