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Why You Should Work With an Office Design Specialist

When it comes to office design, there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s not just about adopting the latest office design trends, but optimizing the overall aesthetics and flow. And that is why a successful workspace redesign goes far beyond a shipment of desks dropped here and a lightbank installed there–with a splash of fresh paint for good measure. Your office should thrive as a living space, with a smoothly flowing system of interconnected pathways circulating ideas across the entire workspace.


It should inspire. It should energize. And it must impress.


And that’s just the big picture. The furnishings also have to fit; not just in scale, but they have to make sense–within the context of the office, both in form and in function. Do they complement one another, and the space itself? What sort of sightlines do the furnishings create? Is the overall effect coordinated and elegant, or a successful eclectic juxtaposition? Or does it look unfinished and thrown together? Is the lighting dark and dreary, or harsh and oppressive? Or does it illuminate and dazzle?

There are many subtle factors which the success of an office design rests upon, and elegantly executing them all is a tall order for many of us.




This is where the industry experts come in. Through user engagement techniques and applied research, office design specialists help organizations like yours explore the factors that link environment, employee behavior, and business results, guiding them through this process of improvement. And the crossover between employee productivity and morale–not to mention business profitability is strong.


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We invite you to consult with D2. Our Office Design Specialists take into account every element that will optimize your office aesthetics and function. From layout to office furniture, our first priority is to get to know your business from the inside out.


Through in-depth consultation, we’ll work with you to learn about your office culture and needs, determining which elements about your current configuration work, and what does not. From there, we’ll create an environment which optimizes your space for style, comfort, and efficiency, which in turn aids with stress management, boosts employee productivity and overall work-life morale.


Office Design
In short, we can transform your office into an environment where workers love to be. Comfortable, innovative, and inspiring; we bring all of these elements together in every project–so that your office can work harder for you. Our designers will customize your office design so that every aspect of your workplace can be uniquely tailored to your brand.


Showroom Visits
We focus on understanding our clients’ requirements in order to deliver a design that is the right balance of aesthetics, usability, and inspiration. Visiting D2 is the perfect place to start this process.


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Our showroom in Midtown Manhattan is home to a variety of workspace furniture, peripherals, and lighting, as well as wallpaper and flooring samples which will help you visualize your office’s true potential. As part of our office space design service, we will work closely with you to make this idea a reality. D2 Office Furniture + Design has design and furniture specialists who are ready to assist. Contact us today!