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Are you taking control of your stress at the workplace? Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? Your extensive to-do list not shrinking down? If stress is beginning to impact your relationships, your concentration, and health then pay close attention to this article. That adrenaline rush you feel during these stressful times is commonly known as “fight” or “flight” response. This heightened state was extremely important back when our distant ancestors were faced with a dangerous situation.

Here at D2 Office Furniture and Design our relaxed office setting and schedules as well allows us to plan our day accordingly and work in stress-free environment. With the average business professional averaging 30-100 projects we are going to elaborate on 12 unique ways to eliminate stress at work.


  1. Act Rather Than React
  2. Take A Deep Breath
  3. Eliminate Interruptions
  4. Schedule Your Day For Energy And Focus
  5. Eat Right And Sleep Well
  6. Change Your Story
  7. Cool Down Quickly
  8. Identify Self-Imposed Stress
  9. Prioritize Your Priorities
  10. Reset The Panic Button
  11. Influence Others
  12. Be Your Own Best Critic

Stress at the Workplace

Take Control of Your Stress at the Workplace

In fact, plants have been found to reduce stress levels. They can also improve the indoor air quality. These two benefits can help your employees feel more productive and happier at work. Adding some natural beauty to a space also provides a visual contrast to the industrial feel of office desks and furniture.


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