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D2 Office Furniture and Design is a leader in designing & furnishing stylish & functional workplace environments, from elegant, traditional offices to alluring, contemporary office spaces.

We are experts in the office furniture industry, providing complete space planning & design services that help companies & institutions of all sizes effectively address their needs, priorities & vision. Our team of accomplished & experienced professionals brings the highest level of personal service, creativity & accountability to each & every project.

Clients come to us and stay with us-because we are reliable, dependable & trustworthy, & because we deliver outstanding products that have style & value.

At D2, we are committed to excellence & dedicated to achieving exceptional results. Every day. For every job and for every client. At the end of the day, we take great pride in our product & stand by everything that we do.

Neil Schwartzberg, Co-Founder and Creative Director of D2, specializes in creating, developing and building spaces where people live and work. He plans and directs all of the companys design projects, bringing his considerable knowledge and expertise of interior architecture to D2’s corporate, institutional and individual clientele. In addition, Neil plays a key role in the firm’s overall strategic planning efforts and is directly responsible for numerous client relationships.

Neil’s ability to help customers develop original concepts for an office or living space and effectively implement it from start to finish is a critical component of D2’s and its clients’ success. He is a master at taking customers’ ideas to a higher level, as well as efficiently managing the build-out process with contractors, suppliers and vendors.

Neil’s interior architecture design career spans more than 45 years, including serving as a partner with his brother Marc at Dallek, their family’s office furniture business, and attending the prestigious Pratt Institute. Among Neil’s many skills are designing high-end residential architecture as well as stylish and functional chairs, desks, cabinetry, innovative lighting schemes and other furniture accessories. He is also a licensed pilot and an accomplished equestrian.

Neil Schwartzberg- Office Interior Design Expert

Howard Selsky, D2’s Senior Account Executive, is a long time veteran of the office furnishing industry. For more than 30 years. Howard has worked with thousands of clients, from small- and medium-sized firms to multinational companies and international organizations. His comprehensive knowledge of the furniture market makes him an invaluable resource for D2’s clients, who turn to Howard for guidance in selecting the most appropriate office furniture and essential furnishings.

Howard worked with the D2. Co-Founders, Neil and Marc Schwartzberg, at Dallek for over two decades and managed Westchester County’s largest office furniture showroom serving the tri state area. He has been instrumental in maintaining D2’s reputation for delivering the highest level of client service and providing outstanding, stylish products to its customers. Howard, a proud member of the Westchester County Assodation, lives in Rockland County with his wit and four children.

Howard Selsky- Office Furniture Expert

Ken Kramer, D2’s newest Account Executive, brings 20+ years of office furniture experience to the firm. As the former owner of Pride Office Furniture, Ken has worked with a wide range of clients in local government, GSA, Fortune 500 orporations, colleges, local school districts and small to medium-sized companies Ken’s success can be credited to his personalized selling approach and creating functional and aesthetically pleasing work environments for his clients.

In his spare time, Ken A a High School and College football official. He resides in Rockland Coun with his wife and two children.

Ken Kramer- Modern Office Design Specialist 2

Hugh Schwartzberg, Chief Operating Officer of D2’s manages the daily business and administrative operations of the firm. He is directly responsible for all financial record-keening and accounting functions, and plays a key role in establishing and managing all vendor relations. Hugh coordinates the purchasing for the company.

Hugh is on the front line for all customer service interaction. His high regard and respect for our client’s needs is an essential component of D2’s commitment to the highest level of customer service. Hugh is in constant communication with D2’s worldwide furniture suppliers and manufacturers. In addition, Hugh oversees D2’s state-of-the-art website, analyzing customer traffic and updating and maintaining content on a regular basis. Hugh is a dedicated boatsman and loves spending time with his two Dachshunds, Pinot and Gunther.

Born in upstate New York, Rockland County to be specific. You could find Matthew exploring the cliffside and adventuring through the Adirondacks. Attending college in Vermont really contributed to his interest of the outdoors. Matthew also enjoys listening to music, attending concerts, and indulging in out of the ordinary cuisine.

Matthew Selsky- Modern Office Furniture Specialist