Office Space Planning 101

When designing a new office or redesigning your current one, you should never overlook the power of proper office space planning. Utilize the right office furniture, accessories, design options and layouts and you will have a space that benefits everyone. Optimal space planning can increase efficiency and collaboration in your work environment, which is an advantage for your business. People spend roughly one-third of their lives at work, so proper office space planning is key for a positive work environment. If you do it poorly, your workers may be less efficient and unhappy.


Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you are thinking of office space design:

open front reception desk


At the entry point to your office, you want it to leave the best impression with your guests with the right reception furniture and design. This area should provide a glimpse into your company identity and aesthetic while providing comfort with style, from the reception desk and the direction it faces to the seating options. Visitors should be impressed with your space while they wait. Guest comfort is key here. The most important focus in a reception area: seating options.

Working Areas

This is the space where multiple people are working together in one area. The key is individual comfort while promoting a team environment. Each individual workstation needs to have a functional working space and provide comfort for each individual. Consider what size of working space would be best for your employees, whether you use adjustable height desks, panel systems, or benching systems to meet these needs.

Executive Offices

These offices need to have everything senior staff will need, from storage to the proper executive office furniture. One thing that we recommend for an executive office is a private bathroom.

rectangular light brown office table

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms should, of course, have a table, chairs, credenzas, and other surfaces to work on, as well as a Monitor for projection and group work purposes. Storage is also a key aspect in conference rooms, whether it be for technological purposes, or hiding a trash can away.

General considerations for your office space as a whole.


Closets and Storage: For when colder weather hits, a closet for coats is a nice consideration for guests as well as employees. IT closets are useful for hiding technology and wiring for an aesthetic purpose. Storage is important for keeping a space organized and functional.


Common Areas: Lounge areas are becoming ever more popular in offices across the country. Expanding upon basic break rooms, lounge areas provide a space for employees to take a break, meet with colleagues, make a private call, or take their laptops to just to step away from their desks and get a change of scenery.


Orientation: It is important to think about how each desk, workstation, sofa, table, or chair is oriented. For a simple example, you would not have a receptionist’s back facing the entrance of your office.


Lighting: Natural light is always better than artificial light. When possible, figuring out a way to have more natural light coming into your office space is a better route than relying on artificial light such as harsh fluorescent lighting.


There is a lot to consider when designing and planning out an office space, which is why D2 is here to help you through the process. A space plan should be one of the first things created when redesigning or looking at new office spaces.


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