A foundational suite of casegoods primed to evolve with your needs. Gesso® allows you to combine luxurious veneers, top grade laminates and other materials to create stylish, reconfigurable work surfaces and storage options. An inspiring selection of color, pull and edge profile options enhances the aesthetics.Create a contemporary foundation with Gesso, a casegood series defined by its versatility, modularity, elegant horizontal planes and light scaling. Layered components adapt to a variety of work styles. This managerial configuration maximizes storage and provides ample surface area for active work. Gesso offers the height adjustable feature on desks, bridges, returns and credenzas. GESSO | ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT DESKS
  • Ergonomic and beautifully incorporated height adjustable desk options can be installed on Gesso desks, bridges, returns and credenzas. Gesso, offer this health conscience solution for your work environment. The height adjustable feature is unique in the cleanliness of the sitting position and looks like any of the standard offerings. While in the standing position, the exposed area below the work surface can provide temporary storage.