UpSide Bench transforms generic, value-driven height adjustable benching furniture into a crafted, personalized office design. Bringing in a touch of fashion, a heaping of detailing, thoughtful new materials and an expanded view on color treatments, UpSide Bench explores the boundaries beyond traditional office furniture.
  • No base feet required when integrated into Three H panels.
  • UpSide has been designed to integrate into all Three H product lines.
  • Upside worksurfaces can integrate into panel-based or freestanding applications. Ample leg room is the result of a proprietary Three H design using custom fittings which eliminate the need for base feet in panel configurations. Two adjustable mechanisms are available: The 2 stage leg option offers a range of 26-45 inches. While the 3 stage offers a range of 23-49 inches in height, it also features an LED display indicating current height and 3 memory positions – adapting to individual needs. Built-in to the 3-stage model, is an anti-collision sensor that prevents material damage to the desk in case of collision. Surface mounted screens designed for freestanding tables offer privacy and practicality.
  • Optional is a top or under-mounted plexiglass option. And with power/data in mind, spiral wrapping bands are included to group multiple wires and prevent cable abrasion. A selection of worksurface sizes supports multi-functional spaces while an optional knife edge on freestanding tables accentuate the thin and sophisticated profile. And, of course, the coveted Three H solid wood edge with mitred edges – that is hand applied and stained – can also be selected.