A welcoming office environment starts with a fabulous reception desk. As the first visible item a customer sees, it is important to make sure that the desk itself is as pleasant as the person situated behind it. The reception area is the core and backbone of any office and immensely vital to its functioning. As a result, you should never compromise on the reception desk in your lobby. The desk that you get should be elegant, aesthetically pleasing and crafted immaculately. A good reception desk should enable greater functionality, space and aesthetic appeal simultaneously – many considerations need to be taken into account when designing an exclusive reception desk for your workplace. Prepare to fall in love with our collections . We believe in crafting works of art without compromising on the functional aspect. Our reception desks will certainly make your workplace come alive and will be a source of great comfort and convenience to the crucial person who works the desk. Our reception desks are made of the finest and most durable materials and we always take into consideration ergonomics and seating posture. Create the reception desk that suits your needs choosing from an enormous palette of finishes and detail offerings.
  • Exposed surfaces feature select grade sliced hardwood veneers in American Black Walnut. Veneers are carefully selected and matched to assure proper balance and consistency. Work surface tops are 3-ply balanced construction and " thick with a self-edge. Transaction tops " thick and 5-ply balanced construction in veneer or 3-ply balanced construction in laminate. Transaction tops have solid hardwood rims and are profiled on all sides with mitered corners. Grain runs left to right unless otherwise stated. Cameo Reception features Ultra-Violet satin finish on all exposed sur- faces by utilizing roll-coat UV technology. Our durable UVAdvantage® finish makes surfaces less likely to be damaged by abrasions, scratches, water, alcohol, stains, and common chemicals. Our UVAdvantage® finish magnifies the beauty of our wood finishes and reduces the darkening, aging, and yellowing process of wood furniture that naturally occurs over time. Once cured by UV lighting, our UVAdvantage® finish does not emit irritable toxins, formaldehyde, or solvents into the air creating a safe work environment within new furniture installations. This process has allowed us to achieve third party certification for Indoor Air Quality. Additionally our UVAdvantage® finish greatly reduces hazardous air pollutants which contribute to smog formation, and our UVAdvantage® finish is recaptured over and over again reducing waste materials. Automated production tech- nology eliminates exposure to sprayed chemicals in our factories.