How Important Is Ergonomics

In relation to office furniture, ergonomics is the study of efficiency and productivity, design, and overall comfort in the workspace. Workplace discomfort can decrease while productivity increases when ergonomic office furniture is integrated into various work areas.  


Ergonomic office furniture and design encompasses everything from monitors and keyboard trays, to the office chairs and office desks that are integrated into a workspace. One main focus in ergonomic office furniture is the ergonomic chair.


An ergonomic office chair could be part of solution to your workplace productivity woes. Do you experience headaches or backaches at some point during the work day? Your posture may be the cause if your office chair does not conform to your body as you move through the day.


ergonomic chair


Since many people sit at a desk for most of the day, it is important to think about how you are sitting, and more importantly, the chair you are sitting on. If you have an office chair with limited customization and tractability, then it may not be the right chair for you. Ergonomic office chairs are designed with you and your health in mind.

An ergonomic office chair is simple in its design, but provides movement, adjustability, and comfort. Your chair should be able to move with you, and conform to your body rather than you adjusting to it. It is natural to change your sitting position throughout the day, and your office chair should be able to adjust with you. From chair height, to lumbar and back support, an ergonomic office chair can adjust perfectly to any person, with maximum comfort and efficiency in mind. So ditch that boring, old, and uncomfortable office chair, because it may be holding you back.





From mesh to leather, ergonomic office chairs come in all shapes or sizes to fit a variety of needs and styles. Mesh office chairs are breathable, and sleek leather chairs provide a classic and sophisticated look, so no matter your style and preference, you can find the ergonomic office chair that is the best for you. Check out our collection of ergonomic office chairs to get an idea of how they can help you become more comfortable and productive. 


D2 Office Furniture + Design can help you design and furnish your ergonomic work space. From the furniture to the lighting and layout, our office interior design experts can help you plan out an optimal environment for work. Get in touch with us today or check out our ergonomic office chairs, office accessories, or even some stand up desks to get started.