Take a Stand at Work: Standing While Working

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Try standing while working! Change up the workplace by taking a stand in the office, literally. Guess how many hours you spend sitting? Fewer than seven? More than eleven? Who would have thought that sit/stand workstations would be a hit but quite honestly the new trend is leaning towards an innovated solution which promotes an active workplace.  Studies show a strong correlation between long periods of sitting and elevated risk of morality as well, experts tend to call this the “sitting disease.”

Presume you stick to a 4-times a week workout regimen & maintain a resting heart rate that’s a significant fraction below the norm, this apparently does not protect you from the risks of sitting for extended periods of time. Here at D2 Office Furniture + Design we have acquired a few standing desks & mobile height stations too.

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Various technology has been integrated within the hi-lo tables which are designed to provide a flexible and affordable solution for a wide variety of work environments. At D2 Office Furniture + Design the highlighted Hi-Lo Height Adjustable table has key features such as height adjustments from 24” to 50” with dual motors which provide smooth and accurate adjustments. A very neat feature to the Hi-Lo Workstation are the 4 preset positions for quick memory height returns, an innovative addition. Be sure to stop by our showroom at 150 East 39th Street to get acquainted with these marvelous workstations.

Standing While Working