Take a Stand at Work: Standing While Working

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Try standing while working! Change up the workplace by taking a stand in the office, literally. Guess how many hours you spend sitting? Fewer than seven? More than eleven? Who would have thought that sit/stand workstations would be a hit but quite honestly the new trend is leaning towards an innovated solution which promotes an active workplace.  Studies show a strong correlation between long periods of sitting and elevated risk of morality as well, experts tend to call this the “sitting disease.”

Presume you stick to a 4-times a week workout regimen & maintain a resting heart rate that’s a significant fraction below the norm, this apparently does not protect you from the risks of sitting for extended periods of time. Here at D2 Office Furniture + Design we have acquired a few standing desks & mobile height stations too.

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Various technology has been integrated within the hi-lo tables which are designed to provide a flexible and affordable solution for a wide variety of work environments. At D2 Office Furniture + Design the highlighted Hi-Lo Height Adjustable table has key features such as height adjustments from 24” to 50” with dual motors which provide smooth and accurate adjustments. A very neat feature to the Hi-Lo Workstation are the 4 preset positions for quick memory height returns, an innovative addition. Be sure to stop by our showroom at 150 East 39th Street to get acquainted with these marvelous workstations.