bar stool and counter stool for office

Setting the Bar Between Bar & Counter Stools

Nothing adds a dash of flair to a kitchen quite like a stylish bar or counter stool. Whether traditional or modern, they “season” your kitchen with a sense of camaraderie and style, inviting the family to gather together at the island for Sunday Morning brunch or for homework.


Similarly, bar stools also work their magic at the office, and not just in the convenience areas. In terms of aesthetics, they break up the visual monotony often seen in offices with uniform-height desks by infusing the sightlines with variety. For another, office bar stools can provide a pop of color, perhaps echoing a bold accent wall to make a visual statement and add cohesion to your workspace.


In terms of purpose, a short fleet of bar stools aligned against an elevated table serve as wonderful collaboration tools between office team members, and ideal for those quickly prepping for a presentation on their way to the board room. They’re ideal for drafting, too.


When it comes to dedicated seating at work, some employees prefer an ergonomic bar stool to a traditional chair for its health benefits. They allow you to sit upright and perch, so as to encourage better posture and engage the core.


And it goes without saying that stools are clever space savers for kitchen and convenience areas where space is a premium, fitting more seats into a small area.


Key Differences


There are key differences between a bar and counter stool to take note of, which will aid you in your selection process.

Bar Stool

office bar stool

A bar stool comes with a footrest incorporated, to provide a supportive perch for the feet, given its elevated height. This feature is traditionally absent from standard-height seating, where one’s feet can reach the floor. The backrest is either minimal or not present, as the inclination is to lean forward for stability.

There is a benefit to a bar stool’s minimal or lack of backrest, and that is visual. Lack of visual obstructions make for a lighter, airier feel to a room, and serve to not upstage the bar or table, which may be the intended focal point of the space.

Counter Stool

office counter stool

Counter-height stools are taller than traditional office chairs, typically measuring 24”- 27” high at the seat. These stools are designed to be used at counter-height tables, measuring between 35”- 39” high. This type of stool is shorter than what you might see at a restaurant or bar, but counter height stools are often ideal options for use in residential settings or in office break rooms. It’s a subtle difference, but selecting the right height for your space is sometimes the difference between a look that is elegant or awkward.

bar stool vs. counter stool for office

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