The Level collection – designed for focusing, privacy as well as collaboration and interaction – merges private offices and open spaces using furniture with high-quality finishes and a sleek and harmonious design, creating productive work areas that meet individual needs.
  • The versatility of Level furniture allows it to adapt to your different space planning needs while also unifying your work areas. Level creates a feeling of light and open space. From layering surfaces to the slim metal legs to floating or asymmetric desks, all Level elements have been designed with the same characteristic aesthetic care for a modern and airy look. Create elegance that lives up to your style with straight and neat handles, matte black metal and satin-finish glass that transform an ordinary space into a distinguished office. The Level Collection promotes space management and allows for technology integration. Overhead hutches allow you to work comfortably and meet your needs for privacy, concentration and optimal space usage in open-plan offices. innovative shared workspaces that integrate multimedia facilitate collaboration by providing places to hold impromptu meetings. Benching-type layouts use space as efficiently as possible and promote open communication. Shared storage is ideal for benching-type installations. it offers personal storage while optimizing floor space.
  • Out of the ordinary, 120° desks energize your office space, encouraging interaction and synergy. Level furniture is well-thought-out for efficient, smart and seamless management of all the wiring necessary for your differentworkstations.