Elevation is the ergonomic solution for working in comfort and flexibility. Each surface is equipped with an electrical control panel and can be raised or lowered between seated and standing positions in a matter of seconds. Elevation allows the users to assume the posture they prefer, depending on the task at hand, their energy level or their mood. The result? A healthier, more productive work environment..
  • Elevation desks are designed to be compatible with any other Logiflex furniture line, so you can use our tables for both private office designs and open-space benching layouts. Elevation also provides workstation electrification and wire management solutions. The height of each surface can be adjusted independently, which means that each individual can assume the posture that meets their personal needs. In addition to ensuring privacy for each user, Elevation desks meet technological needs by providing wire management solutions. A wide range of storage units are available in Logiflex’s other casegood collections. There is no such thing as the average individual. The height of a work surface will vary depending on the person.
  • With a height adjustment ranging from 27 to 47 inches, Elevation can adapt to everyone, no matter the task. All Elevation desks include a digital display control panel. This panel also offers three programmable memory settings.
  • Fabric sleeves are used to organize cords under the work surface, preventing tangled wires. Simply fastened with a single screw, the length of the sleeve is also zippered to provide easy wire management.