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How to Maximize Small Office Space

Not all of us are blessed with expansive corner offices that have more space than we know what to do with. Employers are being forced to find ways to creatively maximize the space they’re given. One of the main reasons business owners want to maximize space in their small offices is because of the increasing prices of renting an office. Functionality is an important feature of small office space design. With a little bit of organization, clever design, and flexibility, your small business can make a small office space seem bigger.

small office design

In a small office space, less is more. You have more space to connect teams, and the ability to make the most of even the smallest square footage. The goal is to maximize the use of floor space. One way is to incorporate design elements with strategic placement of minimalist furniture. Invest in an ergonomic-friendly standing table that can double as a back saver or simply bring out a training table and pull up your chairs for meeting time. Attach stylish shelving systems to your walls for frequently used files.


Lighting is everything! Dark colors and lighting might feel more fashionable, but they can also make rooms appear smaller. When choosing your furniture pieces, ditch the heavy, traditional desks for something more lightweight and pale colored to reflect light. Changes in lighting can dramatically affect the appearance of a small office.

Maximize small office space

A small office does not have to limit your productivity and movement. The ideal office space needs to give people a degree of privacy (for both alone and group work), but it also has to encourage collaboration.


D2 Office Furniture + Design can help you design and maximize your small office space. From the furniture to the lighting and layout, our office interior design experts can help you plan out an optimal environment for work. Get in touch with us today!