These Hunter Boots Were Made For …D2 Office Furniture

Hunter Boots Flagship Showroom Offices Redesigned By D2 Office Furniture + Design

  • Hunter Boots is announcing their latest installation at their flagship store in New York City and it’s not a new line of wellies, but a renovated studio workspace designed and furnished by D2 Office Furniture + Design!
  • Hunter Boots Background: Across the pond they are known as Wellingtons or “Wellies”, but here in the states we known them as rubber rain boots; regardless of what they’re called these boots are staples in any closet for that token rainy day, week, or month.  Originating across the pond to British waters, Hunter Boots were first sold in a Hunter Green color, thus the name was born.  Among the years the brand has invigorated the style with various colorful prints and patterns, juxtaposing fashion with form & creativity with functionality.
  • Featured Products: Hunter Boots opted to for a clean, seamless look for their workspace.  This design included custom white laminate workstations to tinker away on essential gear for rainy weather.  For seating,
  • Create the Look: Visit today to take a note from the wonderful designers at Hunter Boots or establish your own creative mark by selecting your own office furniture & design patterns based on your needs. At D2 Office Furniture, we will work with you to ensure all your needs are met to your satisfaction.

Hunter Boots Are For Everyone

  • Trendy college students have blogged how awesome they are for keeping their feet dry when walking between classes. Not to mention how easy it is to squish them down into a handbag. I love the hot pink ones.
  • Moms with toddlers will love these too. Finally here’s a fun pair of rain boots that you can fashionably wear while joining your young ones jumping in puddles or romping around the local farm or petting zoo.
  • Business women can rejoice in having a functional, yet fashionable pair of rain boots that can be worn everyday all day. Hunter boots are great for your commutes and stylish enough for the office.