History of Murray Hill

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D2 Office Furniture + Design resides in Murray Hill, aka “Forgotten New York.” The D2 Office Showroom is enveloped in the incredible history of Murray Hill.  We are lucky to have our office space/ showroom here in Murray Hill alongside the incredible history it has to offer, there is just some sentimental value as well. From the incredible restaurants and bars to the elegant residential area and view of the East River you really can’t go wrong.  The history of Murray Hill extends back over 200 years, encompassing both the rise of a great city and the continuous preservation of a residential neighborhood.

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The land originally known as Inclenburg was not far removed from the wilderness in 1753, the year Robert Murray moved to New York City from Pennsylvania and took up residence at the corner of Queen (now Pearl) and Wall Streets. Here at D2 Office Furniture and Design we are accompanied by great neighbors and really embellish the area. The quality of living here in Murray Hill is spectacular, extremely safe and the school districts are some of the best in Manhattan.

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Interesting Landmarks in the History of Murray Hill
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Rose Hill Farm Origins

This wood frame house at 203 East 29th (just east of 3rd) stands apart from its brick neighbors, and appears quite a bit older. As Christopher Gray of the NY Times explains, it likely dates to the late 1830s or early 1840s on an estate dating to 1747 purchased by John Watts, who called it Rose Hill Farm, after his original farm in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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Nations Unite in Murray Hill

Murray Hill is the site of many United Nations mission buildings, as stated above. Armenia’s red, blue and orange flag can be seen outside its mission at 119 East 36th, along with some lettering in Armenian script.


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#1 Sniffen Court

Directly adjoining 150 East 36th (which is also called #1 Sniffen Court) is a collection of 10 stables/carriage houses that have become one of NYC’s most expensive enclaves. Doors fans may recognize Sniffen Court from the cover of their 1967 LP Strange Days.


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Interesting Landmarks in the History of Murray Hill
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Sarge’s Delicatessen

The Quintessential New York City Deli Experience. Sarge’s Deli is the place for old world food like pastrami, corned beef and matzo ball soup.


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Royal Pizza

You can order pizza, pasta and other delicious Italian food complete with excellent service.


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Chicken Provence

Come check out showroom and grab a bite next-door at Chicken Provence for some magnificent chicken.


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D2 Office Furniture + Design Showroom Location
There is a reason why Murray Hill is also known as “Forgotten New York” on your way to our showroom be sure to explore these hidden gems!
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D2 Office Furniture + Design


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