Office Furniture - Fall Collection

Fall Collection: Furniture Edition

Heels click & colored leaves crunch as moisture departs the warm summer air.

It’s that time again.

hermes - Office Furniture

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has descended upon the Magical Metropolitan Mecca that is New York City.

However, the seasonal transition in Fashion away from summer does not fall solely in the Apparel genre.

 An equally important transition occurs in your Seating Selection.

D2 Office Furniture + Design | Beach Furniture

~ To ~

D2 Office Furniture + Design | Fall Furniture Collection

Step 1 |  Accept the inevitable Office #chair substitution in place of the Beach #chair.

Step 2 | Reevaluate your Seating selection.

Step 3 | Visit D2 Office Furniture + Design showroom.

       Let us get up, so you can sit down.

Step 4 |   -> Like us on Facebook.

-> Follow & Tweet about us on Twitter.

-> Check-in with Foursquare.

Step 5 | Receive an additional 15% off your purchase of any #chair.

Step 6 | Sit & Smile.

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