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Staying comfortable at work is extremely important, extended hours especially sitting in an upright position could really have an effect on an individual’s body? Here at D2 Office + Design we offer a wide variety of ergonomic chairs, definitely come to our showroom located at 150 East 39th Street in Manhattan. One of the most common physical complaints from sitting at the computer is neck pain and headaches.

Ergonomics: Did You Know?

  • There are a group of muscles at the base of the skull called the sub-occipital triangle that are known as “the headache ghosts?”


  • These muscles when they become tight, due to a forward head and neck position, put pressure on nerves and blood supply that directly feeds the muscles of the head and neck.


  • Your sitting posture is also extremely important. When sitting, you want to make sure the center of your inner ear aligns with the center of your shoulder keeping the center of mass over your spine.

Cervical Stretching Program Image

The “Cervical Stretching Program” above is a visual example of several neck exercises to follow at work, these exercises should be performed at least 3 times a day for proper ergonomic care.

D2 Office Furniture + Design is proudly a licensed re-seller of humanscale ergonomic office chairs.

In addition to Humanscale we are also one of the only dealers of Focal Upright Furniture in New York.

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