How to Eat Healthy at the Office

How To Eat Healthy at the Office

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How to eat healthy at the office and stay energized throughout the workday is extremely important given the busy work schedules many professionals have.  While most of us may reach for the chocolate bar or bag of chips, we may be better off with a nutritious nosh. Here at D2 Office Furniture + Design we are based in midtown and surrounded by healthy alternatives.

We highly recommend ready-made snacks to grab and stow in your desk drawer. For example string cheese is high in protein, offers a bit of fat and has only 80 calories. In addition to string cheese, some health bars also make a good snack, we suggest “Kind” or “Cliff” bars packed with fruit and nuts and high in fiber.


Stay away from sugar-rush snacks like chocolate and cookies. They send your blood sugar soaring, increase your insulin output and signal your kidneys to hold on to sodium. You may feel a short boost temporarily, however in a couple of hours you’ll come crashing down.

Edamame is full of protein and fiber.
If you are buying tortillas from the store, avoid ones with excessive salt, sugar and corn, according For the most part, homemade tortillas are not as bad as the store-bought kind.
Apples in general have been known to prevent types of cancer and sugar-free apple sauce is a great fiber booster in the morning, according
Apples can boost your immune system and natural peanut butter is full of protein.
When made at home, muffins are low in fat and packed with healthy oats and dried fruits or vegetables.
At the store, avoid tortillas with excessive salt, sugar & corn, according Generally, homemade tortillas are not as bad as the store-bought kind.
Eaten in portions, homemade trail mix can be packed with fiber, according to
Cucumber is packed with vitamin K (needed for strong bones) and low-fat cheese is full of calcium.