At D2 Office Furniture + Design our professionalism and knack for all things design allows us to help you turn your office reception area into one you’re going to want to show off to colleagues and customers for years to come. The trick to owning a successful business is to always be adaptable, and in the rapidly changing business environment of 2020, having the ability to alter your reception furniture layout to value distancing and space is crucial. Understanding the importance of how to layout your reception furniture in such a way that allows your customers to still feel comfortable is what is ultimately going to make you stand out from other businesses for the foreseeable future. 

One common mistake businesses make is only putting importance on having a unique reception desk, predominantly for the reason it is the first point of contact for customers and the business. While this is important, you should also consider the importance of office occasional tables and a small office reception table, and the positive effect they can have on any room they are added to. They can be used to fill empty spaces, as storage, or a place for lighting fixtures or reading materials for customers to pass the time. Office occasional tables truly are multipurpose and as a result allow you, as the business owner, full creative control in how you’d like them to be used, keeping your customers in mind at all times.

Strategically using office occasional tables to compliment other pieces of reception furniture while simultaneously acting as a space divider is ideal to the way to go in today’s day in age to ensure your business is putting your customer’s health as their number one priority. With more emphasis being placed on spacing and distancing, office occasional tables can also be used as a divider if need be, and can be placed between chairs for office guests or other reception furniture. Rather than placing your office occasional tables and chairs in one place, you might opt for putting them into smaller groups to give your customers multiple seating options and to avoid sitting in close proximity to one another. As everyone has different comfort levels during this time, it is incredibly important to allow your customers to have freedom of choice in where they sit and to allow them multiple options. Above all else, your reception furniture layout should always serve a purpose, allow your customers to feel comfortable, and be flexible enough that it can adapt to the current business environment while keeping everyone’s safety top of mind

The design specialists at D2 Office Furniture + Design are here to assist you in adapting your office and reception area to the ever changing work environment one piece of furniture at a time. From picking the perfect office reception desk to creating an optimal layout for the space with the help of office occasional tables, our specialists are skilled in assuring you are protecting your customers while providing an aesthetically pleasing area. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can assist you, contact us today, or  view our reception furniture options including our collection of office occasional tables and small office reception tables.  We look forward to creating the perfect reception furniture layout for you!

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