Are Filing Cabinets a Thing of the Past?

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Data rarely comes in the form of paper anymore! Companies have started to digitize their documents, getting rid of the bulky filing cabinets in their workspaces. Large corporations and small businesses alike are making the switch to hard drive or server storage in order to reduce costs. So does this mean the common file cabinet is becoming obsolete? Why do businesses still require filing cabinets in the digital world? The truth is, sometimes keeping “hard copies” and paper filing, especially in the legal, medical and real estate sectors, can really be necessary.


When selecting your filing systems you will find two main types of filing cabinets: vertical and lateral. Choose the lateral way! Vertical files protrude much further out from the wall, their narrow width places limits as to where it can be placed, and they don’t work in many spaces.


Lateral filing cabinets, on the other hand, are ideal for smaller offices because they take up little interior space. They are available in various widths and heights with as many filing drawers as you need, and with the additional option of stacking multiple files for more storage in less space. Bigger lateral files can even help divide a room, and smaller options can fit under your desk to maximize your space.


lateral metal filing cabinet


The rewards of a lateral filing cabinet are tremendous for industries that require storing forms, protecting medical files for years at a time, and retrieving past information about your patients and clients. Lateral filing cabinets are the most versatile form of filing system, allowing each drawer to hold letter or legal files.


When it comes to keeping your work space organized, lateral filing cabinets can provide much-needed storage space. Some of the benefits of lateral filing cabinets are that documents are readily available on site, there is less risk of data theft with file cabinet systems, and greater file accessibility to all team members. Having all the necessary files and folders stored in a single place can reduce the loss of company information or damage to the filing cabinets’ contents.


Decor, aesthetics, available space, and storage requirements all play important parts in the type of lateral filing cabinet you’ll choose. Lateral filing cabinets can also come with different types of locks to increase the security of confidential information stored within them.

metal filing cabinet


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